What’s The Most Affordable And Best Inexpensive Coffee Maker?

Have you been look for the best inexpensive coffee maker because your current one is too old and you want a better affordable coffee maker?. Basically a coffee maker should be easy to use so that even a person who would not consider themselves techno savvy can figure out how to work it in minutes. The material used to make it should be durable as this will save on money in the long run.

It is not practical to buy expensive coffee machines that serve the same purpose as cheap ones. I have discovered that the best coffee makers are simple and they last long. I visited Amazon and did a little browsing then I discovered some pretty amazing and cheap coffee makers that I just had to share them Here are my top three best inexpensive coffee makers;

Single Serve

The single serve coffee machine is perfect for people who live alone because it just brews one cup and thus saves on electricity and time. This brand just brews a 120z cup at a time making it perfect for me because I get to save on electricity and only brew a cup of coffee when I need it given that I like to drink one cup at a time. It is also easy to use because its flip top gives access to both the water reservoir and the filter.

The only thing that I need to do is to put in coffee and turn on the switch. This coffee maker comes with its own mug but similar sized mugs can be used as replacements in case it breaks. The drip tray is easy to clean and also removable. At only 3.1 pounds, this coffee machine is highly portable making it ideal for people who are always moving.

Black and Decker DCM2500B

I found this one to be convenient because it is programmable, thus I can have a cup of coffee waiting when I get up in the morning. It has a touchpad with intuitive buttons and it also comes with easy to follow directions. Black & Decker DCM2500B SmartBrew Coffeemaker

The lid opens itself revealing the brewing basket into which a filter is placed and coffee poured. After pouring in water and closing the lid, I simply have to push the power button and set the delay time, if I don’t wish to make coffee immediately. The carafe has a wide lip and when coffee is poured out, it does not drip.

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People like me who do not have the patience to wait for the coffee to finish brewing can sneak a cup with the sneak-a-cup feature. The glass jug has a sleek hourglass design that is ideal for people who like stylish things. The jug and brew basket can be washed in the dishwasher thus saving time for busy persons. In case anything happens to this machine, I can take it back because it is covered by a year long warranty.



Hamilton beach 12 cup Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 46201 12 Cup Digital CoffeemakerThis coffee maker is ideal for persons with big families because it makes 12cups of coffee at a go. It has a feature that allows the brewer to pour themselves a cup while the coffee is still brewing.

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The water window is large enough to allow a person to view the water level as they pour. This coffee maker is manually operated thus easy to use. It comes at a cheap price.

All the above mentioned coffee makers have their own advantages and disadvantages. The single serve machine is ideal for people who want to save on electricity while the black and Decker is perfect for busy persons. The Hamilton beach on the other hand is the most affordable.

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