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What is The Best Burr Coffee Grinder For Drip Coffee?

Bodum-Electric-Burr-Grinder.jpgWhen you are a coffee drinker, getting the freshest tasting coffee can be hard unless you buy one from a coffee shop itself. Ever wonder what makes their coffee taste so much better, even though you make it exactly the same. If you said freshly ground coffee you are right.

No matter how hard you try to keep coffee grounds fresh, I keep mine in the fridge, there is nothing better than freshly ground coffee. If you are ready to be able to make your own fresh tasting coffee, whether it’s for an espresso or drip coffee, you must buy a coffee grinder.

As a person who loves to shop around before I buy anything, when it came to my coffee grinder it took a long time to decide on one. There are so many options out there with so many great features, but I did have a budget and that limited me a little bit.

The good news is that I did get one that was in my budget and in my opinion is the best burr coffee grinder for drip coffee.The best part is I can choose from different grind settings which allows me to use it for anything between fine grinds for my espresso machine to course grinds for a richer, deeper coffee. I own the Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder, and I bought this from Amazon.com.

I truly believe that even though it was a little pricey when you think about how much you spend on coffee every week, month, and year its well worth buying one that will last and offer great features.

I mean, if you are like me you probably buy a coffee or espresso at least everyday on your way to work or on your way to drop your kids off at school. Lets just say you spend ten dollars a week, that makes about $40 a month, and in three months you have spent more on coffee than you would have buying this coffee grinder.

Plus think about how much time you spend in line waiting for that coffee. Now who wouldn’t want to stay home for an extra 10-15 minutes instead of leaving early to spend that time in line, all before you have even had your “morning coffee” when its a simple push of a button.These are just some of the other features of this that makes this the best burr coffee grinder for drip coffee:

  • Easy to clean and maintain, though you really must invest in a coffee grinder brush, but this is essential for just about all coffee grinders. Besides the actual grinder, everything comes apart for easy access.

Spill proof, it uses a glass container to catch the grounds and made perfectly with a silicone lid.

  • Allows you to adjust how much you want ground at a time as well as how fine you want your coffee ground with 14 different settings. This is my favourite feature because I not only have a drip coffee maker but also an espresso machine. Breville Smart Grinder Coffee Machine

The next coffee grinder I plan on investing isn’t the best burr coffee grinder for drip coffee but its the Breville Smart Grinder Coffee Machine from Amazon. This coffee grinders basically takes out all the guess work when it comes to switching between drip and espresso coffee.This one also has these great features:

  • You can store up to a pound of coffee beans in the hopper, and no worry of them getting stale because not only is it removable but the hopper is air tight.
  • Allows you to adjust it with 25 different grind settings.Also like I said, it takes out the guess work due to its amazing feature of automatically adjusting the amount it disburses depending on the grind settings.
  • You can grind up coffee grounds in one if its two containers or directly into a coffee filter. One container is perfect for grinding up coffee beans for use later and storing them.

Now I realize these coffee grinders may not fit onto every one’s budget and as a coffee drinker you want the best burr coffee grinder for drip coffee your budget will allow. Honestly for under 40 dollars you can own a burr coffee grinder that basically offers the same features as the one I own. Its’ the Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder and it offers:

  • 18 different grind settings for that perfect rich flavor.
  • Holds and stores up to a 1/2 pound of coffee beans.
  • It can be taken apart easily for cleaning and it is only a third of the price of my grinder.

Like I said before with so many options You have a lot to pick and choose from but these are the ones that we have found being the best burr coffee grinders for drip coffee. Enjoy your Coffee!

What Is The Best Burr Coffee Grinder For French Press?

hamilton beach french press coffee grinderWhen you think about great tasting French press coffee you think of full, rich flavored coffee. French presses have many different designs even though they may look the same from the outside, so which one should you invest in?

Also when it comes to a delicious cup of French press coffee is it essential to own/buy a coffee grinder? Grinding your own coffee offers you the freshest coffee flavor whether you make espresso, drip, or French press coffee. I own the best burr coffee grinder for French press to espresso coffee that my budget would allow, and it’s probably the most used item in my home.

Let’s first talk about the different types of French presses, though they all have the same look. I love to do my shopping on Amazon.com because they have a great selection of products at the lowest prices anywhere and each product offers great descriptions. The same goes for French presses, Amazon.com offers them for any one’s budget from $10 to over $100. What makes these prices differ so much?

First whenever you buy something cheap it can cost you in quality, but it can be avoided by knowing what options you have and if you are on a budget how to compensate to get the best out of your product:

*How long the coffee will actually stay warm, most won’t even say in their product description. So if you decide to go with one that is closer to $10 consider buying one that only brews a cup or so, that way you can make smaller fresher portions that will remain hot. One option under $20 is the French Press Coffee Travel Mug.kitchen aid french press grinder

*How many coffee grounds end up in the bottom of your cup. When it comes to French press coffee it’s inevitable for this to happen, but having a French press with a finer filter and/or having a good coffee grinder that can make your coffee grounds courser will help this.

For under $30 and a mesh filter there is the Bodem 8-cup French press that can help keep the grinds out while still enjoying a French press coffee.

However, if your budget allows I recommend you invest in the Espro Press from Amazon. It keeps your coffee hotter for a couple hours and has an extremely fine mesh filter which allows you flavor without the coffee grounds in your cup. Its the best of both worlds for just over $100.

As I mentioned before when your life revolves around coffee it is essential to have a coffee grinder in your home. When it came to finding a coffee grinder, I did a lot of research and found what I thought was the best burr coffee grinder for French press and espresso coffee. I had a budget, but with the price of buying a coffee on my way to work everyday I knew it would pay for itself in the end.

When shopping for a coffee grinder its’ again a struggle of price vs. quality, but when you shop on Amazon.com you know you are getting the best possible prices for amazing products. Here are some things you may want to think about when you are looking for the best burr coffee grinder for French press coffees:

Bodum Electric Burr Grinder*The most crucial thing you want when buying a coffee grinder is easy grind settings, when it comes to French press and espresso coffee you want to have a large range from the finest to a nice course grind. When you have a small budget but still want quality and a range of settings the Hamilton Beach Hands Free grinder is perfect.
One thing you may never even think about is whether the blades of the coffee grinder are heating up while grinding your coffee beans. When this happens it can actually start cooking the coffee grounds, and compromise the flavor of your coffee. One product that is easy to clean, has a large range of grinding settings, quiet and offers less heat transfer is the Kitchaid Burr Coffee Grinder.

*Another thing to think about is how many times you have to clean up coffee grounds all over your counter due to the coffee grinder catcher causing static.



Plastic catching cups are known to cause “jumping grounds”. The solution? Well both the Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder and the Bodum Electric Burr Grinder offer static free glass catching containers so the grounds stay where they are supposed to be.

So when it comes to the best burr coffee grinder for French press coffee there are a wide range of products for any budget that also offer the quality you deserve.

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