So What Is The Best Double Boiler Espresso Machine?

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso MachineSingle boiler espresso, double boiler espresso, andheat exchange espresso machines?

Choosing between them can give you a headache, trust me I know. I’ve researched them all but which one do you choose?After a lot of reading andcomparing I came to a conclusion, which depends a lot on the person who invests in one of these, and that is if you truly love espresso the best one is the double boiler. Let me explain what the difference is between them all as simply as possible.

*Single boilerand the heat exchange come with one boiler, that one was kind of obvious, but in order to make cappuccinos you need extremely hot(boiling hot) water to steam the milk.

When you want just an espresso, you need the water to be hot but considerably cooler than the steam used to make cappuccino. So the water in the machine must stay at the hottest temperature for steam on demand for cappuccinos, thatmeans that it must be cooled to brew espresso, this usually happens through cooling lines.

*Double boilers come with two boilers one for eachtemperature so there is no need forcooling lines. This is extremely useful because it keeps your espresso at a constant temperature, where as cooling lines can start heating up altering the temperatures of each one you pour.

The double boiler is definitely the best for anyone that may make more than one espresso at a time because the temperature is a key component of a great tasting cup of espresso.

So now that I got that out of the way let me tell you about my favorite and in my opinion the best double boiler espresso machine you can own as an average consumer, it is the Breville Barista Express. This one is a little pricey but for what you get it is worth the extra money, plus its’ available on They have amazingly low prices and this is no exception. Here are the main reasons this will be the next one I own:

*My number one reason would be that it has a built in burr coffee grinder. I have a burr coffee grinder and absolutely love it but this saves you that extra step, and does it in under a minute. As far as pricesyou could spend upward of $200 forthe espresso machine and $100 and up for burr grinders.

*The Barista Express has two filter sizes, one for beginners to get the perfect amount of coffee grounds for yourespressoand one that allows you to control the amount of coffee grounds so you can make it stronger or weaker.

*Plus the perfect temperature every time for either espresso coffee or cappuccinos.

*Never lose your cleaning supplies for it because itcomes with a hidden tray which contains everything you need to keep your espresso machine clean. No more running around your kitchen trying to find everything to clean it!

The next one I want to talk about would be the best double boiler espresso machine minus the double boiler at the most affordable price I have seen. Available again at the De’longhiRetro Espresso machine is perfect for under $100.

*Has two separate thermostats that control the temperature so that every espresso or cappuccino you make comes out perfect. I own this one and with the twothermostats, it is the closest to a dual boiler compared to others that have cooling lines that heat up as you pour.

*It uses both freshly ground coffee or espresso coffee pods. This allows you to know you will have the same consistency every time with pods or you can experiment by usingground coffee.

*I also find this one is so easy to take apart to clean and just as easy to put back together once clean.

As for the BEST double boiler espresso machine that money can buy, you will want to take a look at the BrevilleDual Boiler Semi Automatic. This one would be great especially for those of you who love to host little dinner parties.

*Semi automatic feature includes a heat exchange and pressure valve to allow you to make two perfect temperatureespresso coffees and steam a cappuccinoall at the same time.

*Allows you to either use the automatic pressure or program the amount of pressure you want to make an espresso to your liking.

There really are too many features to mention, yet it is easy touse by those who may be beginners. The ease of use with automatic settings makes this one by far the best double boiler espresso machine you can own and it is available on for their unbeatable price. All of these have great ratings and reviews with prices you cannot ignore.



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